Please Just Throw Me Something To Hold On To

Did you ever have a moment, or maybe like in my case, several moments, that you’re just so worn out tired; you feel like everyone only wants to take something from you. You feel like.  You feel like you are doing everything humanly possible to give all you have, and they still just want more? 

Yesterday I was having said moments. 

And out of nowhere my husband says, “You are one of my favorite people. My favorite things about you are how you are such a good mom. Our kids want for nothing thanks to you. Even though I have to sometimes dig through the laundry pile to find matching socks before work at 2 am. I love your smile and how you bust my chops, I love how you just keep going. Always just keep going.”

I stood there with a dish rag in my hand in front of our kitchen sink, unable to speak right away. I felt like I was drowning and he had thrown me a life preserver right in the moments before I just gave up and sunk to a watery death. I finally got the lead out and gave him a hug. I said, “You’re one of my favorite people too. Thank you for what you said, I really needed that right now.”

Reflecting back on this moment from yesterday today, it reminds me that no matter how strong you think someone is, maybe they are drowning and just need someone to throw them something to hold on to. Really something simple can make all the difference. I know it did for me. 

So today I’m throwing things to hold onto. Cheers and peace from the HK Bar!

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