Romance Is Dead, Because I Killed It

Seriously though, in the twelve years with my husband, I have so killed the romance in our relationship. I used to be the one that tried to find the perfect gift for him for holidays. I would always send thoughtful and sometimes naughty (not like x-rated, more like a smidge between pg-13 and R) text messages, I would always beg to be snuggled, etc. etc. I could sit here and type all the mushy crap I used to do, but then I’d be repulsed at myself and have to cringe a little remembering such drivel. (Why do I think it is drivel now a days? )

When did I really cut Romance’s throat? For the life of me I can’t say that I can put my finger on a particular space of time that  I said to myself, “Ok, this lovey dovey crap just has to end, NOW!”  Because really I  am truly a romantic at heart. I always want the couple to fall in love and live a happy every after. I always ooh and ahhh when I see a couple basking in some romantic event or occasion. 

So why have I cut it out in my own marriage? 

I honestly, for the life of me cannot answer this question. I think as time has passed I have just slowly done less and less. I quit putting the effort in for whatever hundred thousand reasons I can think of, until here I am today, knowing I don’t do anything romantic anymore for my husband. 

One thing I do know is that I love my husband very much. He is the only person that can make me as mad as he can and I still know at the end of the day that I want him with me. Even if he is a big old idiot sometimes. He’s still my person. So I think I will be putting some effort into breathing life back into Romance. Maybe, if  I am lucky I haven’t really killed him off completely. Maybe he can be rescusitated. 

So the research begins to bring Romance back to life. I am thinking the first thing I will attempt is 1. Write him a love letter 2. Plan a date that is all about HIM. And past that is where my view becomes hazy. But hey, it is a start. What are some romantic things you have done for your significant other? What does romance even mean to you? 

After I put some ideas together I will update you on how this journey goes for me! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions on this one! 

2 thoughts on “Romance Is Dead, Because I Killed It

  1. Great idea! I made my husband coffee this morning before he left for work which is something I never do. He was soooo happy. Haha idk if that’s considered romantic? Now you’ve got me thinking about the last romantic thing I did… Probably hand making him a card for Father’s Day. I need to step my game up!

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    • I think making his coffee is actually VERY romantic. I am a coffee drinker and would love it if someone made my coffee. It’s really the simple things that I need to do, because things like coffee are so meaningful! I thank you for your comment, it made me realize my a ts of romance dont have to be all glitter and fireworks. Because I know how much coffee would mean to me! Cheers!

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