Have you ever wondered what it’s like in the HK Bar house? Imagine mass chaos. Five loads of clean laundry in all stages of care (but hey, at least it is all clean right?), the China hutch turned kids book shelf  in complete disarray (hey, at least they are reading), only half of the five million pairs of shoes the four women of the house own (why do we have so many shoes? I need to find a cool Pinterest shoe keeper solution), worn carpet that needs restricted, and a fat lazy cat that couldn’t even manage to kill the mouse that has been stealing out of his bowl. 

This is just a small piece of the HK Life. I often imagine what type of homes and people are behind all the blogs that I subscribe to. You are all interesting in your own ways and I really do enjoy keeping up with your blogs. I have to laugh when people  ask me the purpose of my blog. Because really, to be fair, most blogs are about one something or another. They follow the progress of a project, they do product reviews, they promote an author, etc. etc. back to the question of the purpose of this blog. Honestly even after at least a year of blogging, I have no concrete direction. I enjoy writing exactly what I want when I want. I love my mishmash of product reviews, book reviews, life stories, and just general ramblings. Why do you follow the HK Bar blog? What was the reason? 

I am genuinely interested in why you as a reader follow the blog. What would you like to see more of? What do you like or even dislike about Life on The HK Bar? 

3 thoughts on “WHY? 

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