A Review; Goat Soap from a local farm; The Goat Milk Soap Store

About six months ago I was walking through the stalls of our local farmers market. With three rambunctious cowgirls in tow, my earlier daydream of  all four of us  walking leisurely through the organic vegetables linked by hands and matching smiles, was quickly falling to pieces. The girls were whining, “It’s too hot Mom……Can we eat now? …..Are we almost done? …..What are we looking for?….” Let me assure you the list continued, but I won’t make you suffer through that telling. We soon came upon a booth full of soap, this is where the story gets magical!

The three cowgirls immediately began picking up bars of soap and smelling them. I inwardly cringed as I pried thier greedy Fingers off the merchandise and told them to keep thier hands to themselves. And heres where the magic truly began. The booth owner smiled genuinely and said, “Can I show your girls how we make our soap?” I said yes, of course. He whipped out a three ring binder with pictures of goats and his family (lots of children) making soap! The girls immediately stared in rapt fascination. (If it has to do with animals my girls are in!) He proceeded to explain the whole process to them. 

Meanwhile I started perusing the goods from The Goat Milk Soap Store. And let me tell you, I was impressed! So many smells, and I of course fall in love immediately with the local farm. (Being from the HK Bar myself, I try to support small farms such as ourselves). 

I ended up with three bars of the oatmeal, milk and honey.I couldn’t wait to try it! Which I did later that very same night. It smells so delicious, and left my skin moisturized instead of dried out like most store bought soap. I have never bought another bar soap since! 

You can check them out over at thier easy to use website, 


Happy washing!

2 thoughts on “A Review; Goat Soap from a local farm; The Goat Milk Soap Store

  1. Stumbled across your blog. Small world. So very glad you enjoyed your bars. We love our goats and making things from their milk, so we always try to get the kids (our kids, other kids) involved and see how it all happens. We need to get more pictures, had a big spring last year (for us). Our herd just about doubled.

    The family at The Goat Milk Soap Store.

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