Current Status

Owl and Bunny playing this am
Hello from the HK Bar! It came to my attention I have not posted in a month of Sunday’s! Life has been happening for the HK Bar crew. We have had many changes these past weeks. We said goodbye to another one of our mini mares after a long battle with cushings disease….. we have added a pup to the pack (more on him later)…. Owl completed her first year of preschool…Boo will wrap up first grade next week …and Bunny spent her last year out of school being home with Mom.

Everyone is growing and changing. I look forward to the summer activities that we have planned. We have decided as a family not to show horses this year. We decided it will be a great year to trail ride and just reconnect with our horses. Current count is four big horses Jo, Romeo, Flash, and Katelyn; the. We have four minis Twilight, Grace, Rose, and finally Angel (Angel will be headed to her new home in the next few weeks). The crew cleaning up the grass lane between pastures

Flash (2 years old now)
So howdy from our place! We will be checking in more frequently.

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