A Review: Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

About ten days ago I noticed urine spots on our carpet. I was shocked as none of our pets have accidents. After separating animals I found the culprit. It was our three year old Terrier mix, Virgil. After a trip to the vet he was sent home with antibiotics and pain relievers with bladder stones suspected as a cause of the urine incontinence.

So there I was with a sick dog that was going to be having accidents for the foreseeable future. A dog that had never once pottied on the floor, and was used to being with his family with full run of the house. A predicament for sure. I didn’t want to shut him on the back porch, but I also knew I couldn’t have him soiling our rugs.

So I started doing some online research and discovered Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers. I was skeptical to say the least. But what else could I do? I measured according to the directions on the sizing chart and ordered a three pack for a little over $20.

The product came quickly and away we went to see how they did. First off, the sizing was true if you measure correctly and follow their suggested sizing chart. The product is sturdy, and fits incredibly well. Virgil was a little unsure at first and walked funny for about the first hour or so. But soon walked normally and didn’t try to pull them off. Virgil immediately peeked up when he realized he got the run of the house once again! It made my heart happy to see him sleeping in his favorite chair!

Three hours in and he had had an incontinent urine episode while sleeping in his chair. The diaper was wet, but him and my chair were dry! I just changed his diaper and popped the other in the wash.

I also tried them on our similarly sized Miniature Australian Shepherd, Booker. He usually has to be kept on the back porch as he would try to mark his territory. These prevented him from doing that. He hiked his leg of course but it was all caught in the diaper! Bonus use!

I give this product four out of four stars! Effective, durable, and a problem solver for many issues!

Thank you Magasin!

www. Petmagasin.com


Traveling With The Mutts and the Discovery of BringFido.com

Here on the HK Bar our dogs are part of our family. They are constant companions that go everywhere (nearly) with us. So when the rare road trip or vacation comes around they typically travel with us. 

I have been in the midst of planning a short getaway for the girls and I, (plus Virgil and Booker Blue.)  While I was wasting my time on google trying to sort each individual motel/motel on prices, availability, location and pet policy I came upon a jewel! 

The secret you ask? Www.Bringfido.com 

It’s basically the answer to my trip with dogs in tow planning dream come true! It even has an app! Which I quickly downloaded. Super easy to navigate. 

I was able to compare hotels and read all the info easily in one place. No more clicking on each hotel site and wasting time. 

In addition to hotel arrangements you may also search pet friendly restaurants, find dog walkers, dog parks, as well as many other tools at the specific area you plan to be. 

So if you are planning a trip soon and your pup is going along check this app out! It’s a win! 


That Soul Igniting Moment ; Featuring Mug Shot Coffee Ottawa, Kansas

You know that soul igniting moment when food from your favorite coffee shop graces your senses? You can see it captured in the photo above of Owl and Bunny I took this morning. We love Mug Shot Coffee! We only go about once every few weeks do to a strict budget, but it’s pure rapture when we do get to go.

Mug Shot offers tons of different coffees, teas, juices, home made muffins and the yummy list goes on and on. Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the blueberry muffins we always get. They were just to good to hold off on eating. 

So if you are ever in the North Eastern part of Kansas check out this hole in the wall. You won’t be sorry! 


Tipperary Helmet, A Review


Romeo and I

My Tipperary helmet arrived finally! I ordered the Sport off of Dover Saddlery for $59.99. If you are in the market for a new helmet you should definitely consider this one.

The top is well ventilated, and on my first ride out in this helmet it felt like nothing more than wearing a ball cap. I have worn other helmets that felt heavy and cumbersome, not this one!


Side view of my new Tipperary Helmet. Note the flat back style.

As you can see from the picture it has a unique design. This design was by a doctor. With the flat back it is proven to help avoid extensive brain trauma. This being that on impact the flattened back discourages the head to roll in a side to side motion, thus better preventing head trauma from an accident. I have described the thought behind this design in a very basic fashion. As a nurse, I have researched with and agree with the thoughts and designs of this particular helmet.


Front view of the Tipperary Sport Helmet.

Do you wear glasses? I do, and many helmets I have found it often difficult and uncomfortable to wear my glasses with them. I’ve encountered the arms of my glasses digging in to the sides of my head, the top of my glasses being squashed from the top of my helmet, amongst many other complaints. With this helmet, I found my glasses had plenty of room to sit unencumbered on my face. There was no complaint whatsoever from the glasses wearing equine enthusiast!

The Tipperary Sport Helmet is stylish enough to show in in local shows. It is attractive and comes in a various selection of colors; grey, pink, black, blue, and pink. The one I purchased was the grey and it compliments all the tack I ride in.

Another small but very nice thing about this helmet was that the extra strapping on the chin strap is secured nicely in a Velcro wrap. I love that it doesn’t just flop around. It is neat and tidy and made for a more comfortable fit.

I rode in this helmet for two hours in 80° F Kansas weather. My head did not sweat AT ALL! The well vented, light weight helmet was a pleasure to ride in. Check out The Tipperary Line of helmets! You won’t be disappointed!


Hiatus to Weston Missouri


Me and hubby

My husband and I ran away for the weekend. We are staying in Weston, Missouri at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Benner House.


Benner House

The area has tons of neat little shops at great places to eat. Our b and b proprietor, Sherri, is a wonderful host. Her cooking is homey and delicious!


Our welcome among arrival to Benner House.

The house is comfortable and inviting. I often feel out of place and awkward, but I felt right at home from the start. 

After breakfast this morning we went and did a little window shopping.





Lots of neat stores, and of course had to go buy a few hand rolled cigars from the Burley House.

Weston is very popular for tobacco and alcohol products. They boast a couple wineries and even an Irish pub called O’Malleys. The wineries were fine but the pub was definitely more my style! I could have stayed there all weekend in a happy drunken stupor listening to thier live irish music.

There area has a very rich history and the locals have given us great stories everywhere we go. This is a great getaway and I would highly recommend it!


The River Room at Benner House


Me and the husband

I’d write more praises on the area, but I’m headed to that gorgeous fluffy bed for a nap!

Cheers ❤


A Book Review; The Do-Right By Lisa Sandlin

Delpha Wade spent over a decade in jail after killing a man that was raping her. Now fresh out of jail she hires on as a secretary for Tom Phelan, private investigator.

Delpha finds herself in a world she has to relearn how to be a part of, but her quit wit and strong instincts will lead her through. She is faced with her past, and must choose her own future.

I would recommend this book. It was an easy read that kept me engaged. I enjoyed getting to know Delpha Wade as a character, and came to respect a person that doesn’t even exist.

Until my next review!


Two Book Reviews; The Rosie Project/ The Rosie Effect By Graeme Simsion

Don Tillman is a genetics professor, and extremely socially awkward. He sets a mission to find a wife suitable to his socially unsuitable personality. Don often has trouble navigating social situations and due to brutal honesty also often finds himself in messy situations. With strong supporting characters Don begins a a journey to find a wife.

These books are great! Character Don Tillman reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from the hit TV series Big Bang Theory. The two book series was a refreshing read That kept me entertained and engaged throughout. If you are looking for a humorous out of the box read, these are your books!