Summer on the HK Bar 

Boo, Owl, Bunny, Booker ready for another wild adventure.

Owl and Bunny taking care of the horses. Pretty sure they picked more dandelions than anything.

Boo and one of our four kittens, Runty.

Doing a little fishing with my mom.

Owl and I getting ready to get our fish on. 🐟 

Keeping up our workouts .

Sneaking out for some ice cream with Virgil and Booker.

And of course lots of sleeping….

And resting…

And relaxing… 


HK Bar Cats

We have new residents at the HK, thanks to my husband. Four orange kittens just weaned from thier mum came to live with us. 

They will hopefully grow up to be mousers in the barns, and of course little playmates for Boo, Owl, and Bunny. The girls are very excited about them. 


Current Status

Owl and Bunny playing this am
Hello from the HK Bar! It came to my attention I have not posted in a month of Sunday’s! Life has been happening for the HK Bar crew. We have had many changes these past weeks. We said goodbye to another one of our mini mares after a long battle with cushings disease….. we have added a pup to the pack (more on him later)…. Owl completed her first year of preschool…Boo will wrap up first grade next week …and Bunny spent her last year out of school being home with Mom.

Everyone is growing and changing. I look forward to the summer activities that we have planned. We have decided as a family not to show horses this year. We decided it will be a great year to trail ride and just reconnect with our horses. Current count is four big horses Jo, Romeo, Flash, and Katelyn; the. We have four minis Twilight, Grace, Rose, and finally Angel (Angel will be headed to her new home in the next few weeks). The crew cleaning up the grass lane between pastures

Flash (2 years old now)
So howdy from our place! We will be checking in more frequently.


The HomeFront HK Bar

Life on the Homefront continues to be a blur. Lots of sickness, school activities, and planning for the next year has been happening. I find myself asking , ” How is it even February…..errrrrr…..nearly March?!?” Does anyone else feel like that? I, sure there will be at least a few yeses from out there in cyber world. Come on just make me feel better and agree? 

So what has been happening on the HK? In the animal departments  I have sold off all but two of my cattle. Sad, hey? Bills needed paying and so the herd was the easiest asset to turn into money. The reason we still have two? It’s only by chance. One mature one that belongs to my oldest daughter Boo, seven years old, is so damn crazy we haven’t been able to get her loaded into the stock trailer. I see some roping and dragging in Jo and I’s near future. So crazy is in a pasture all by herself and then there was the case of the other stray. A bucket calf owned by my middle daughter Owl, whom is four years old, was left off the trailer due to Owl throwing a tremendous fit! Tears everywhere as she begged her Daddy not to sell her Priscilla #47 Church!!! Needless to stay Priscilla is safely bedded down with two of our older minis that were showing some age this winter. Twilight and Louise the two minis are enjoying being out of the herd. They don’t have to fight for their place in the feed line and get extra scratches from all of us.

Currently our chicken brood is holding steady at about nine hens. They started producing eggs again, so at least they are earning keep. Our rooster met an untimely demise from a Hawk…..and then my husband shot the hawk . Circle of life stuff and discussions were had with the  three cowgirls in residence. They all took it  in thief own ways.

The horse herd is steady at an uneven nine. The two minis I mentioned before Twilight and Louise are babysitting Priscilla. Jo my best saddle horse is getting ridden pretty frequently at two to three times per week. I am looking forward to a ton of trail riding with her this summer and a few barrel races after we are both back in shape. Flash my coming two year old is doing great. She continues to learn just how to be a horse in the herd. I have made the decision tohold her out of formal training until next year. We have her on the books to spend three months with Cal Noyons and his family next spring. There she will get a ranch type education and be turned into a good hand. This year I will be ponying her behind Jo on various trail rides as well as attending a few workshops scheduled at our local saddle club. Romeo my daughter Boos gelding is fat and sassy. He has been getting pulled out once or twice a week for her to ride. After some epic spills last year Boo is focusing on gaining confidence and just having fun. This will be healing year for both of them. Katelyn our old rescue POA is holding steady. She is somewhere around twenty three years old and still going strong. She will be helping to teach my lessons kids this spring summer fall. Our farrier is still amazed at how her feet have recovered since coming to the HK. I’m personally very proud that we could do that for her. Our young minis, Grace and Rose continue to be fun for the little girls to groom and drag around as well as are great teachers to the lessons girls. And then we have the odd lady out, Angel whom came to us last year. Our plans for her this year are so far undecided. With so much going on she tends to play last card to everything in the training plans.

Our current dog count is at four.Bullet and Blitz recently turned two and four. They continue to learn. Blitz is our ovzealous guard dog. He has graduated to no kennel and patrols freely. Bullet still hugs my heels on our outings and has come out of her shell, she now has added fetching to her bag of tricks. Precious who belongs to Boo has moved up in the world and into the HK house. Boo has taken over her completely now walking her a mile daily . Boo is becoming good help to have around. She frequently walks the others as well. In October we added a new face to be crew. His name is Virgil. He was adopted by my husband from Unleashed Pet Rescue. He is a small terrier mix who goes everywhere with my husband. One is rarely seen without the other. We all love the way he adds to our family. I’m sure at some point Virgil will get his own debut post.

Eli our rescue cat continues to harass the HK house with his nightly wind sprints and yowling. He hasn’t caught a mouse in over a year….. Much to my husbands displeasure. 

I guess that about does it for the animal news…. More on family next time! Cheers and prayers to you all!


Life Just Happened

Life happened. That’s why I’ve been away. I have a dear friend adopting a baby (praying all goes well)…. I have had a friend lose her young nephew…. my family had celebrated holidays….my girls have had the flu, a cold, and then another flu. We have acquired a new family member and lost another of our horse family members, I have cooked and cleaned and slept and not slept….December 2016 has just been a blur of life happening around me. And I’ve been struggling to comprehend it and be present amongst all this life happening. How do we stay unbroken by this life? So many questions of why and how…. But at the end of the day they don’t really matter. Because it’s a new day. It’s a new chance. So that’s where I’ve been. Trapped in the whirlwind of life happening. 


So I May Have Been A bit Lost….Or Found? 

I’ve holed up. Cut off the steady stream that was steadily drowning me. Ugh. Social interactions that were no benefit, just a greedy sponge soaking up all the best parts of me so that nothing but bitter was left behind. 

I hate it when I feel like this. But it is an eye opener. It happens with the changing seasons. I realize the things that suck the very life out of me. And I dispose of them. Quickly and efficiently.

In the beginning it feels terrible….only because I realize the heavy burden ive been carrying. What worthless waste of a life to spend it being unhappy. 
So cheers to being lost and then ultimately found. Hello self, I’ve missed you. ❤️️💕❤️❤️️💕