The Value of Something

This post is brought to you upon inspiration from my new old ugly horse trailer. Yes, I’m serious.

My husband came home with my new trailer about a week ago. He has always known I’d like to have a three Horse with a small tack area, and a nose cone I could put an air mattress in and sleep. And here it is! I have to laugh because he kept telling me how old and ugly it was before he brought it home. He said he wanted to prepare me for what I was actually getting and not some built up image in my mind.

Which brings me to my point. The value of something is individual to ones perception. For example my husband thought I may be a little disappointed with my new trailer. When in fact, I am so completely happy. It is exactly what I hoped for. Sure it needs a door latch instead of the bungee cord that is in place now, and the back doors need put back on, and two boards need replaced. BUT I HAVE A HORSE TRAILER I ALWAYS WANTED!!!!!

I had a friend once tell me that I’m “always just so dang thankful!” And I’m happy that I have this outlook, because as Cliche as it may seem, I am thankful….for everything in my life. So don’t let someone make you feel bad for seeing the value of something in your own life that may not shine to others.

A mutt dog isn’t worth less than a pedigree pooch.

A state university education isn’t any more valuable than a hard knocks university education.

A suit and tie doesn’t mean more power than jeans and boots.

And an old paint peeled three Horse with a bungee cord door latch isn’t any worse than a brand new aluminum.

You yourself can only determine the value of something …..


Getting Stronger; Queen Jo Returns to the HK Bar

I picked Jo up from Double J Performance Horses four days ago. She was there just shy of sixty days to be trained on the barrel pattern. I tell you what Jana Dreasher has done wonders with her! It was a bit of a rude awakening when I rode her at the Double J; I realized how far Jo had come, and how strong she is now; and I realized how much core strength and coordination I myself have lost after three kids and ten years out of the arena! 

So much for me to work on. But I have happily been putting  myself as well as Jo through the paces daily. I struggle physically to get through a one hour workout with Jo right now. But I am determined to get there. I am working on pushing Jo one stride past the barrel before I ask her to turn. I find myself continually cutting her a stride to early. We will get there. First and second barrels may not be perfect yet, but we have had a couple really nice thirds! 

Jo is up in the barn stall for thirty days at least. Just in case any bugs rode home with us. Which is really doubtful, but just to be safe. Jo continues with her antics. Her personality shining through as always. She has made it no secret she is a bit annoyed with my clumsiness. I can’t say I blame her. I wouldn’t like an uncoordinated low muscle toned monkey flopping around in my saddle either. But she is forgiving. 

I am very motivated to continue our daily workouts. Even if it means I can barely walk for the next several days! 😂 


New From The Queen; Jo’s Training Journey 6 weeks at Double J Performance Horses

Queen Jo is six weeks in to her training on the barrel pattern at Double J Performance Horses in Eskridge, Kansas. She is coming along very nicely under the very capable direction of Jana Dreasher. Her attached video is courtesy of Double J Performance Horses.

I have to say the more progress I see from Jo, the more I am validated in having made the decision to send her for training. I was doing her no service by letting her get out of shape and not pushing both of us harder. Seeing her thrive at the Double J has been a wake up call no doubt for me. That this sport is physically and mentally demanding. Neither of which was I adequately supporting in Queen Jo. It’s difficult to for me to admit to myself that I have short changed Jo, as well as myself, as much as I have. It’s never easy to see your own failings and shortcomings in the daylight. But I am so glad that I have! It means I can now see the distance of where we can be with time and hard work.  I now have a training plan in place for when The Queen returns to the HK Bar. There will be no excuses not to have excersized, not to have poured in the blood, the sweat, and the tears. It’s go time!

I have to give credit where credit is due. Dreashers from the Double J have been outstanding to work with. They are helping the Queen to be a well balanced, healthy horse, as well as giving me insight and tools to carve out a bright future for us both as a team.


Word From The Queen; Jo’s Training Journey

Or rather I got word from Jana at Double J Performance Horses regarding the Queen. She is trotting a lovely barrel pattern, and is said to really be hunting the barrels. Word also says that she is relearning some patience while standing tied. It was rumored around court that Queen Jo would pin her ears and squeal a bit when Jana was riding another horse. Silly Queen! Even royalty needs to be put in thier place.

Jana also reports Jo is moving a bit stiffly, mostly from the right and also working off of her front. So Jana is teaching her to drive from the rear as well as trying to get that right side straightened out. The Queen will see an equine chiropractor in hopes this helps resolve the issue. Please pray for the Queen for health and soundness.

Her Royal highness also seems to have fallen in love with a male habitant at the Double J. He is however, taken, but the Queen shamelessly licks him like a dog. Her would be love interest is none other than JD Dreasher, husband of Jana. Maybe this explains the squealing at Jana? A lovers quarrel perhaps?

It has also been decided that Jo will be staying an additional thirty days, totaling 60 days training.

Until next time!
Also a video of her Highness. Courtesy of Double J Performance Horses


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #17


Dear Mom, Its too early! Like my morning look? Love, Flash

This morning Flash and I were up early. We had to get a jump on the day as the weather on the HK keeps deteriorating. More ice….lots more.

Flash wasn’t keen on being caught today. She would push her nose towards the ceiling when I went to halter her. Little booger. I finally got her halter on by being slow and persistent. Then we moved on to standing tied. She was pretty quiet but kept turning toward Louise eating her hay.


Louise eating while Flash had school

I started grooming with the mane and tail brush. Flash doesn’t mind this at all. Her hair was crazy this morning  from all the wind, and she has thick hair that wants to go everywhere.


Aren't I a Pretty Girl Now?

We got the hair tamed and sorted out and then moved on to the he metal curry. Flash rolled in her stall and had several manure spots. She loved the left side of her neck being curried and would lean into it. She used to be unsure of the metal curry, but it now seems to be one of her favorites.

We then moved on to the rubber curry and soft brush. Once again she stood quietly and enjoyed her brushing.

I decided to go ahead and clean her front two feet since she was so relaxed.


She didn’t like this much, and pawed at the ground in protest. This was the first time I have ever seen this behavior (from her). I took it as a sign of stress and backed off. I instead gave her lots of love scratches and spoke to her quietly. She soon calmed and stood quietly.


Me and Flash

Next we moved on to lead training. Once again it was small circles in the barn.The paddock is a complete mess; nothing but mud and ice.  We practiced start, stop, walk, backup, turn. Tonight was the first night I really noticed it but Flash was really in tune with my movement. She kept at my shoulder and stopped and turned when I did without a reminder with the lead or any type of pressure. What a break through! I was so excited! She is really listening and learning. The bonding is immense and we spent the next several minutes just talking and me giving her love scratches.

Then I took her halter off and stood quietly and talked to her and Louise as they munched thier hay.


Flash and Louise

Total time elapsed was 1 hour 10 minutes.

I am so proud of Flash and I love to see her progress. My plan is to show her in halter classes in the spring/summer of 2016. She is well on her way for being prepared.

Until next time.


FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #5


Flash aka Flinthillspaintedlady

We are having an extremely windy day here on the HK today. So Flash has been hanging out in the barn quite a bit. I don’t blame her!

Our session today started with feed. She came right up and started munching away. My two youngest came to the barn with me Owl, 2 and Bunny 1. By now Flash doesn’t even bat an eye at them. She is used to thier shrieking and all the strange noises they produce. Owl and Bunny like to climb the fence and pet her while she eats.


After breakfast I groomed Flash. We started with the mane and tail. Wow this girl has thick hair! No moving away, no flinching. Then the curry and soft brushes came next. She moved away once but quickly came back around.

Lead training was short today as the girls were beginning to tire out and get cold. It was alot of walk….. Stop…..back up for five minutes. Flash was a rockstar. She did stay a little high headed, but I’m going to blame that on all the wind.

Then came her favorite part. Love scratches all over and under that itchy halter! I wrapped my arms around her while I scratched all over. This didn’t seem to bother her at all. She just stood and stretched out. I was happy to see her so relaxed and happy.

What a great girl our Flash! Time elapsed from start to finish was 25 minutes , including feeding, grooming, lead training, and reward time.

The girls and I got Flash settled back in the barn with her hay.


Flash and her after training session snack

Until next time we are hunkering down out of the wind. ❤


FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #4


So training day #4 was a great one. Neither Flash nor I was very worried about being photogenic at 630 a.m. so here is our homeless look.

During breakfast I thought Flash was going to be nonsocial. I stood by her feeder and she walked off three times before she decided to stay. She ate her grain while I brushed out her mane and tail and then rubber curried her everywhere. After the rubber curry I used a soft brush all over on her. This was the first time of not only adding groom time, but with a new brush. She really seemed to love the soft brush. She would mean into it with her head and rump. Grooming legs was not a problem this morning. She stood like a champ no flinching or moving away. She stood quietly.

After breakfast we did ten minutes of lead training. Walk…..stop…..back up. She only tried to walk over me once. And in her defense her little mini buddy stall mate , Rose, was pinning her ears and backing up to us. Little devil got a soft kick in the pants for that stunt.

For the rest of the session Rose sulked in the corner. Flash seemed pleased that I corrected the naughty Rose.

So all in all a great fourth day with Flash. Time elapsed today including breakfast, grooming, lead training, and love scratches was 40 minutes.