My Dream Barn; and my Husband the Enabler

Tonight my three girls and I were piled on the couch watching Tangled for probably the six hundredth time. When the movie was over I realized my husband never materialized into his recliner to watch the movie with us. My husband works very long hours most days and its not unusual for him to be gone. But tonight I knew he had planned on coming in from the barn early.

I went ahead and put the girls to bed and went in search of hubby. I found him sitting at the kitchen table with sketch paper, pencils, sharpener, and a ruler. I said “Hey,what are you up to?” He smiled a very ornery smile and said “Sit down I will show you.”

*insert my GIANT eye roll and sigh*

I plopped down in the chair and thought here we go. I get to hear about the truck he is putting together……..

But to my suprise he started drawing 12×15 sections…..four of them….and four 20 foot pipe runs…..an alleyway…a hay storage area…and what’s this a tack room!?! I knew right then I liked this idea.

I instantly felt guilty for my sigh and dramatic eye roll. OK, I admit it….I am a spoiled princess lol. ….on a budget and within reason of course. Don’t t get me wrong we arent even considered middle class, upper lower class maybe!? Farmers….we are farmers….that should explain our bracket.

Truth is, the sketch my husband drew was my dream barn. He has spent years listening to my idea of a functional horse barn. He has been listening! He had every detail correct right down to the way I want the stall doors to swing.

These are the moments I know my husband truly loves me. No, not because he wants to build the horse barn of my dreams BUT because he has been listening. And truly listening!

Of course this is a plan for the future, and not going to happen overnight. But we are getting a plan. Hubby said he has a ton of lumber and tin set aside for this huge undertaking.

I am left in awe of his enthusiasm, thought, and preparation he has already put towards not his dream but MY dream.


Under Construction


Jo watching my husband, Kevin, build

The HK Bar is a place of old things. Our house is old, and our barns are even older. I love old things, they have character, and oh so many stories to tell. Here there is always something being fixed, refixed, built, or rebuilt. We are perpetually under construction.

Today my husband and one of his friends are framing up a new loafing shed for the horses. After the girls layed down for a nap I snuck out to see how the project was coming along.

My best girl Jo saw me and decided to come over and say hello and also to help me inspect the men’s work. As I stood there with Jo it made me think of the scripture,

Hebrews 3:4 For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.”

Going over this particular scripture makes me thankful, and it also makes me realize this beautiful life is built and made possible by Him.

Today I’m thankful for a new horse shed, I’m thankful for this beautiful life, and I’m thankful for perpetually being under construction both literally and spiritually.