Traveling With The Mutts and the Discovery of BringFido.com

Here on the HK Bar our dogs are part of our family. They are constant companions that go everywhere (nearly) with us. So when the rare road trip or vacation comes around they typically travel with us. 

I have been in the midst of planning a short getaway for the girls and I, (plus Virgil and Booker Blue.)  While I was wasting my time on google trying to sort each individual motel/motel on prices, availability, location and pet policy I came upon a jewel! 

The secret you ask? Www.Bringfido.com 

It’s basically the answer to my trip with dogs in tow planning dream come true! It even has an app! Which I quickly downloaded. Super easy to navigate. 

I was able to compare hotels and read all the info easily in one place. No more clicking on each hotel site and wasting time. 

In addition to hotel arrangements you may also search pet friendly restaurants, find dog walkers, dog parks, as well as many other tools at the specific area you plan to be. 

So if you are planning a trip soon and your pup is going along check this app out! It’s a win! 


Just Keep Moving

Yeah so remember in February when I recommitted to being healthy? Well, I have stuck to it. Except of course for the days that I didn’t and I totally 🐷 pigged out on pizza and 🍺 beer. I do t have any set exercise plan other than just to keep moving. That’s my new motto. Just keep moving! It doesn’t have to be torturous to be healthy. I think that is the mistake I have all to often made then I’ve just given up.

So today’s Just Keep Moving is an adventure with Bunny and Owl and our two small dogs Virgil and Booker. Walking at our local walking path! The kids get to burn off some steam as well as me and the pups. 

So howdy from us and Just Keep Moving! 


Meant to Be

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for me. My sweet Tucker passed, and then suddenly our sweet Bo did too. To me these souls weren’t “just dogs”, they were a part of my family. They worked, played, and lived beside me. What non farm and ranch people don’t always realize is that this can be a lonely way of life. Often days upon days will go by that I don’t speak to another human other than my girls and husband. That’s where my dogs (and horses) come in. They become my company. They become the friend that lends a hug when I’m sad. They become the sympathetic ear I spill my guts to. They become the Happy, wiggling, excited dance party buddy when I have a moment of excitement. They become the copilot in the truck. They become my protector, willing to lay thier life down to save mine (even if it is just from the mailman). They become the best friend a person could ever ask for. And there I was,  suddenly lost, without my two best buddies. 

And then Bullet laid her head in my lap as I ugly cried. I looked into her eyes and she licked my face, shoved her paw in my hand and leaned her head in close. I smiled despite the snot and tears running down my face. Because in that moment I realized Bullet and I were just meant to be. She’s my non person person. 


These Telling Eyes


Anyone who knows me will say I often wear a cap of some sort. I often hide my eyes under my Irish cap in the winter. I can escape under this cap. If you can’t see my eyes, no one knows what I’m thinking, no one knows how I feel, no one knows where my attention is. Quite frankly I like it that way. Some might call me a coward, or a control freak, but that’s really not the truth. The truth is my eyes tell it all. A single look can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about me, what I’m feeling, thinking, or analyzing. For someone like me whose eyes betray them, a little anonymity is a blessing.

I find myself looking into the eyes around me and here is what I found………



These are the kindest eyes I know. They are always trying to catch mine, and they often do. You see these eyes are alot like mine. They give every emotion away and seem only to pour out endless patience, support, and unconditional love.



From these eyes shine undying loyalty and a friendly, but firm message to everyone. I will protect what is mine fiercely, please don’t misjudge my warmth and kindness for weakness. These are the eyes of a champion, a loyal, aging knight that loves his kingdom.



These eyes soak up all the details around them. Slow, quick, somewhere in between they don’t miss anything. They have a certain pleading quality. Love me. They have a bit of ornriness in  them, with a touch of fierce and a dash of wild.



And these eyes like to hide. I find a kindred spirit in these hiding eyes. They are eyes that are  currently needing to recharge, because when they are awake they shine at full brightness. Full force, with the grace and glory of an Egyptian Royal.



These eyes are still filling with character. They show a wariness for life. Do I belong here? Will I stay in this beautiful world forevor? Or is this just another stepping stone like my last place? But those eyes also have wild abandon in them, and a free spirit so fierce it may never slow down if it gets out.



These eyes are wise and maybe a bit road weary. Intelligence and a humble, willing spirit reside there. These eyes have spoken to dozens of children, raising them up into confident people. Often being forgotten for faster, wilder, grown up dreams. But these eyes have found a place to rest among a forevor place. The weariness is fading into golden bliss and comfort. Oh the stories these eyes could tell!



These eyes are deep. So much lies within, that every time you look into them you will see something different. At first glance they are stubborn, strong, and fierce. But once you know these eyes you will see softness, willingness, and a motherly instinct so heavy you might just get lost in its folds if you look to long.



These eyes have fresh perspective. They exude a lady like grace and have so much potential they leak a spirit filled with willing abandon to life. These eyes are so mature for as little as they have seen. Old eyes in young form.



And lastly I come upon these eyes. They are strong, steady, and confident. With a hint of stubborn and a deep well of love of herd, that encompasses his little human herd. These eyes are teaching eyes, with a bouncy nature that goes on for years.

Eyes will often tell more than words. Once you learn to interpret them, you will often hear entire conversations being held there. These eyes of ours often are more honest than our words.

What are the eyes around you saying? Or are they hiding their secrets under an Irish cap?