The Value of Something

This post is brought to you upon inspiration from my new old ugly horse trailer. Yes, I’m serious.

My husband came home with my new trailer about a week ago. He has always known I’d like to have a three Horse with a small tack area, and a nose cone I could put an air mattress in and sleep. And here it is! I have to laugh because he kept telling me how old and ugly it was before he brought it home. He said he wanted to prepare me for what I was actually getting and not some built up image in my mind.

Which brings me to my point. The value of something is individual to ones perception. For example my husband thought I may be a little disappointed with my new trailer. When in fact, I am so completely happy. It is exactly what I hoped for. Sure it needs a door latch instead of the bungee cord that is in place now, and the back doors need put back on, and two boards need replaced. BUT I HAVE A HORSE TRAILER I ALWAYS WANTED!!!!!

I had a friend once tell me that I’m “always just so dang thankful!” And I’m happy that I have this outlook, because as Cliche as it may seem, I am thankful….for everything in my life. So don’t let someone make you feel bad for seeing the value of something in your own life that may not shine to others.

A mutt dog isn’t worth less than a pedigree pooch.

A state university education isn’t any more valuable than a hard knocks university education.

A suit and tie doesn’t mean more power than jeans and boots.

And an old paint peeled three Horse with a bungee cord door latch isn’t any worse than a brand new aluminum.

You yourself can only determine the value of something …..


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day 68


Flash was ready for breakfast this morning. She kept sticking her nose out as far towards me as she could. Her usually lady like attitude was a bit absent this morning. She kept imploring me with her little horse eyes Where is my grain lady? Don’t play coy with me, I saw you feed the other pasture of horses!


She just kept getting closer and closer. I had to laugh at her antics. She ended up being fed last just to put her in her place. I think she was a bit annoyed with me, but all was forgiven when I served her breakfast. Happy little munching sounds came from her, and she even looked up at me and lazily nickered a thank you when I was leaving the barn.

Oh Spring where are you?

Until next time, I pray you have a belly full of breakfast, and someone to nicker you a thank you.


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Days 64-66


Got back to work with Flash today. The winter has given a lovely warm(ish) day here on the HK Bar. About 55°F!

Flash got a full groom and feet picked. We practiced standing tied and also did lead training. She was very willing and quiet.

She also had one of her firsts today , her first gala apple! She was so funny. At first she just sniffed it until I rubbed it in her lips a bit, then she so gingerly took small bites out of it.




Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #43


I forgot how hard raising babies can be. They are always getting themselves into trouble. This far Flash has scared me with a swollen leg, a cut by her eye….and now, a cut by her mouth. I wasn’t able to get a great look at it, but it doesn’t look too bad. Maybe a tad swollen. The only thing I am thankful for in this cold weather, it helps with the swelling and lessens infection. I will continue to watch it and see that it doesn’t get worse. Until then will put a call into the Doc for antibiotics.

Needless to say with the weather and the presence of a new injury we didn’t have a lesson. Just lots of love scratches and feed. I will probably be bringing Flash back into the barn so I can get a look at that cut and keep her monitored.

Until next time!


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #29-30

Can it already have been a month since our girl Flash came home to the HK Bar?!


Why , yes, it has! The last two days we have been doing more of the same. Grooming, standing tied, pick up and pick out all four feet,and  lead training. We have incorporated something new into our days; walks around the farm.

She continues to stand stock still around the heavy equipment like skid loader, tractors, etc. She doesn’t try to bolt, she just stands with feet planted and stares . So I’ve been letting her stand and stare. I’m sure she will soon realize these are “normal” to see on the farm.; and that better yet they bring the big round bales of hay!


This month I feel like we have mastered grooming and standing tied for periods of up to thirty minutes. We are in a good place with picking up feet, but have a ways to go until I can say we have it mastered. She still leans, sometimes pulls feet away, and is unsure about the hoof pick some days.

In the next thirty days I hope to master picking up feet, standing tied up to an hour, getting over our apathy of heavy equipment, and more on lead training!

Cheers to the next month and new goals!
Until next time!


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #21


Dear Little People, It seems you have forgotten my bucket of grain. Love, Flash

This morning is a cold one at 29°F when we chored. Flash had a big day today! She was turned out into one of the “big little” pastures with the six miniature horses. She is still able to come into the barn though. This pasture is about five acres and has one pond in it. It was really great to see her get out and run. (And a little terrifying for me.)

She got all six minis stirred up good and they all ran back and forth back and forth. It was quite comical. I was a bit nervous though.  I felt like I had sent my baby out into the big world for the first time! Thus no pictures because I was watching every move.

After she stretched her legs I called her back  into the barn for her breakfast.


Flash waiting for breakfast ( and our rooster Charlie Chuckers photo bombing)

She stood quietly munching while I curried her out and gave her love scratches all over. No other training today. I think discovering the big pasture and adapting to life with the six mini herd will be enough school for her today.

Until next time!