Real life moment:

When your four year old announces, “Mom, I’m saying this out of Gods love, for all our sanity, please go have your coffee. Then come back and try again.”

Then she turns to Boo and Bunny and says, “We all need the truth sometimes.”


Bahahahahaha bahahahahaha a

Happy Thursday y’all! Spread truth and drink your coffee before you do the things 😂💕❤️☕️


A Date Designed For Him; Operation Romance Phase 3

Phase three was a total slam dunk! I keep thinking one of these phases is going to fall flat on its face and give me a reality check. it has been going so well! Ugh my pessimism creeps up sometimes. I am a bit of a serial realist. Ouch, hurts to admit. Anywho, phase three of operation romance I planned yesterday morning, the day of. I know talk about last minute, but hey, I can work under a time crunch and really let’s face reality, A day designed specifically for him just needs to include food and entertainment that can hold his attention. THe key to designing a date tailored specifically to one person is to actually know what would make that person happy. My husband isn’t a Neanderthal, but close. So basically I guess I have to admit I had a slam dunk from the word go. I mean really, my husband would have been happy to have no children in the house and stay in bed with a pizza and sex for the night. He would literally have been as happy as a rhody at a Duran Duran concert.

But that’s not what happened….well…completely. Having some respect for our private lives I will say his date started off with the kids going off to the babysitter and him getting to spend some time in bed…taking a nap….

After his nap he was much refreshed. He commented how sweet it was for me to think of that, and I secretly fist pumped (seriously NOT a sexual innuendo here) my victory in the bathroom as I prepared for phase two. I mean really score one for team Heather. 

I then whisked him away to his favorite place to eat. Longhorns Steakhouse in Lawrence, Kansas. I took the liberty of ordering for him. Starters were a bud light bottle for him and “make sure it’s cold” (I’m sure the waitress thought I was a real control freak) and a strawberry margarita for me. The husband was impressed with my skills I could tell. Or actually it was probably because I’m a huge non drinker and I get all frowny and pissy  faced when he usually orders a beer. (A little back story though my husband used to be a big drinker. Not alcoholic , just more than what pushed my comfor t zone. Oh to have been raised in an alcoholic family. It damages you somehow. But that’s fotter for another story). Then I commenced to ordering Chicken strips with french fries WITH barbecue sauce and ranch dressing. Because my husband can’t stand honey mustard and eats barbecue sauce on everything. Seriously, I told you he was the human being most closely related to the Neanderthal living! We chatted through supper like we were newly dating and getting to know each other. All the while I am thinking where is this coming from? Usually by now I’m irritated because he is spending two dollars on a beer and all I can think is how irresponsible  that is with my hard earned money. (HAHA right he is the one that works three jobs. Ok so I’m possessive. …..can I also blame this on thoses alcoholic members of my childhood??) We just enjoyed supper. I had to check my mouth a couple of times from discussing bills and other concerns I Have for the planning period for the HK Bar for next calendar year. I decided no business talk on his date. I mean really Ithink that is why I stress him out so much is because all I can think of is finance, planning, what’s next what’s next……I get it though, seriously from his point of view he works sixteen hour days and then comes home to three screaming children that want his full attention and a wife that is bitching because the finances are so tight you could bounce an elephant off of them. Like seriously I’d be thinking of doing a runner in his place. Maybe he fantasizes about it…. But back to supper. It was fantastic. Period.

I next took him to a movie that he has been talking about for weeks. ‘War Dogs’. But realized a flaw in my planning. We had an hour to kill in between supper and movie. That’s when my Neanderthal, I mean my husband stepped up his game to impress me. He said let me take YOU somewhere for the next hour. All I could think was Great he is gong to take my to some very public place and want to have sex in our new Yukon. (The back cargo area is huge), And then the police are going to come and arrest me and then I’ll go to jail for the first time in my life at thirty years old  because I had my naked ass up in the air in the back of our family vehicle in the middle of a populated area…..” Seriously the struggle is real inside my head sometimes. But he took me to a book store close out. Big red signs of 70% off flashed everywhere. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! And all at dirt cheap prices. This is the precise moment my husband turned from Neanderthal to Prince Charming. He so gets me . I love books. So for the next hour I put armfuls of books into a cart pushed by my husband who followed me silently like a loyal dog. God I love that man. 

Then it was on to the movie. War Dogs was the typical stuff based on a true story I’m a gun runner badass……. I did enjoy it. A little. Not as much as the bookstore, but I lived. My husband was grinning like a kid at Christmas on the drive home. And then he said the magic words….”That was the perfect date night, thank you Baby”. I melted into the seat and closed my eyes after those words. Phase three had been a success! And all I could do was smile. ……and start planning PHase Four of Operation Romance…….


Handling His Meat With Precision; Operation Romance Phase 2

I finally decided on my next phase of operation romance! I made my husband a suprise steak lunch. What did you expect from the title? Gezzz you sicko, I literally meant I handled his meat,  you know the kind you EAT….errr….well, that could be misconstrued as well. Okay starting over, I made my husband a kick ass suprise lunch in an attempt to bring back some romance to our marriage. I seriously have been tuned out for awhile. 

Anyhow. I made marinated beef ribeye steaks (raised and butchered right here on the HK Bar), corn, and seasoned mashed potatoes. He was a happy man! I sat across the table staring at him as he took his first bite. He wore a worried look as he took his first bite. I said, “What’s wrong honey?” He said, “I don’t know I keep waiting for you to tell me. You have been so attentive these past few days I keep waiting for the punch line. I have to admit it has me a bit worried.” 

Im sure he saw my eager, happy face fall with his comment. Gezzz I know I’m not huge on romance, but I didn’t realize I have been the ultimate romance Scrooge. I told him, “I realized I have not been very attentive to you, or very romantic for a long time. I truly have had a great time first writing your note, and planning your suprise lunch. I guess I would worry a bit too if I were in your shoes. Not that you have to worry, I just wanted to do something nice for you.”  A genuine smile lit up his face and he took my hand from across the table. He even put his fork down to do this, and that is HUGE for my husband, although thin, he loves his food. And he said, “I really liked your note. It made me smile, and it was really sweet of you. Thank you, it is nice to be thought of.” And then he commenced to devouring my suprise lunch with impressive speed. 

So I guess after the initial shock of Operation Romance wears off my husband might not always look so Leary when I do something nice for him. We had some good moments during his lunch. And I truly did enjoy preparing the meal and coming up with the menu. Usually I’m not a huge fan of cooking. It’s not that I’m bad at it, because I’m not, it’s more the fact that everyone has to eat and it just becomes one more chore on my list to check off three times a day. This time was different. I really did feel like I was pouring my love into this meal. And I’m happy that it was received so well. 

So cheers to handling my husbands meat so well, and on to the next planning phase for Operation Romance. HMMMMM what will I do? What will it be? Stay tuned! 


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Going to have a bit of a rant here. Will try to make it constructive. Possibly…… I’m. Just going to throw this out there. I have realized as time goes by that I have less and less time for people and their drama. I have no time to entertain other people’s fantasy crises. I have no time to ponder the should have/would have/could haves with people unless it directly effects me.  I find myself not answering phone calls, emails, messages, and even the door when it is someone whom I feel like is going to suck more energy from me. I mean really  ain’t nobody got time for that! Sound selfish? 

Maybe it is. But really I put one hundred percent effort into my family and farm, and frankly, there just isn’t much left to go around after them. I don’t feel an ounce guilty about focusing on myself and my family (and the small group of friends I consider family).  Because really at the end of the day energy spent elsewhere is just a waste. Now, I’m not talking about volunteering, church, being part of my community, etc. I’m talking about the relationships that just plain suck you dry. The ones that take valuable time and attention, and you foster them because you feel like you have to or you feel obligated, or you feel sorry for someone. 

I have to admit for a long while I was always the person that tried to be nice and attentive to everyone else. I tried to tiptoe lightly, not rock the proverbial boat, tried to always consider everyone before myself etc. and you know where that got me? Tired. That’s where it got me. Tired.

So today when I received a text message from someone I knew was a complete drain, instead of entertaining them with few worded , half hearted , agreeable responses, I simply text back. I’m sorry I am not able to talk right now, I am cooking and busy making memories with my girls. And you know what? 

They didn’t text back AT ALL. 

What a relief! So cheers to no more unnecessary distractions, cheers to cutting dead weight. Cheers to more energy and time spent where it needs to be. 

Take your bullshit elsewhere cuz really AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


Night Crazies

Our cat Eli suffers from what has been officially unofficially diagnosed as nocturnal asshole cat syndrome the night crazies. As soon as the sun sets his symptoms begin to emerge.

Exhibit A


He runs through the house at break neck speeds sliding across all the slick floors and managing to upset every throw rug in sight. He must murder them….all of them lest they rise up and attack in the middle of the night, you know…..as all throw rugs do after sunset.

Exhibit B


He inspects every unlikely box he can. And then inserts himself in said box, front end only, and commences to pushing the box around the floor bumping into and knocking over anything in thier path. Because everyone needs a bulldozer cat at 2 a.m.

Exhibit C


He must also steal every pencil off my desk and put them in neat rows under the table. Apparently he feels jilted because he doesn’t have opposable thumbs and this is his way of acting out.

If your cat suffers from nocturnal asshole cat syndrome the night crazies, I am in the process of starting a support group. Where at which we can all weap and reminisce over the lost sleep we suffer due to this terrible disease that afflicts out beloved cats.


Bo kicks off Deer Season on the HK Bar

Deer season has begun. I know this because our black lab Bo brought up the first deer trophy of the season… A leg to be more precise. Being rural, lots of people deer hunt in this area and field dress, leaving things behind.


As long as our Bo dog didn’t steal this from a neighbor, all is well. Shortly I’ll be messaging neighbors to make sure there was no thievery on Bo’s part.

So deer season has begun.


Until our next adventure…..


Would You Drink It? Capn Boo teaches Owl a lesson in horsemanship

This morning during chores I had to laugh at conversation between my two oldest, Boo, 6 and Owl 2 1/2.

Owl had turned on the water spicket to water one pasture of horses Katelyn, Romeo, and Jo. (I use an old mineral tub during the winter because I can fill it three times a day and the water doesn’t freeze like in a big tank. It also defeats the purpose of running an extension cord to a heated to keep a large tank dethawed. )

Owl starred filling the tub and I hear Boo say, “No no no Owl! You can’t just fill the tub you have to spray it out and rinse it first. Look at all the mud and bits of yuck in there. Would you drink that!?”

Owl took a moment to study the tub and then said, “Well, maybe sissy. Ifn’ I was firsty (thirsty). But it is yuck. I clean it then Boo. Thank you!”

Boo smiled and patted Owl on the back while she started to help Owl spray out the tub and make it clean. She said to Owl, “Good job Owl, you are going to be a fine horseman. Horsemanship is always taking care of your horse. You’re winning now!”

After the tank was filling Owl said, “I beweive (believe) Mama would even drink dat water.”

And then I watched as both of them stood beaming at thier handywork and the clean tub of water.

In this moment I was so proud of my girls! They are learning so much on the HK Bar. Horsemanship, teamwork, dedication to an animal, responsibility, and more.

From the HK Bar to the world maybe now is the time to stop and consider in your own lives Would you drink tht water? Or is it time to clean?