Ditching the Resolution and Choosing a Word

So it’s now 2018. In years past I would have already been a few days into my New Years Resolution….Usually having to do with losing weight or organizing my life better. And let’s be real for a moment, I have failed at them year and year again. SO, knowing i will never achieve those, I have come upon something that I can stick with!

I have chosen a word to inspire me in 2018! A single word can be so powerful. This year I have chosen “Truth”. This word just speaks to me. It reminds me to be truthful with others , but also with myself on a variety of fronts such as parenting, and financial ability. Being truthful doesn’t just mean telling your best friend her dress is absolutely hideous when she is asking your opinion; it means really considering things for what they are.

So this is me in the New Year, ditching the Resolution and living a single word.

What’s your 2018 word?!


What Are the HK Bar Cowkids up to?

Swimming! Lots and lots of swimming!


Bunny, Captain Boo and Owl (from left to right) waiting on thier lessons


Captain Boo with her swim instructor

This morning we were at the pool by 0830, and our last lesson finished at noon! Holy cow I’m going to have three little fishes soon!

I love the water, and I want my girls to not only love the water, but to be safe! Our rules are:
1. No running!
2. Life vest on! And in eye sight of parent/adult.
3. Wear sunscreen!
4. If you can’t touch bottom then you shouldn’t be that deep! (For now since my girls aren’t independent swimmers yet)
5. No horse play! Someone could get hurt.
6. Drink lots of water.
7. No peeing in the pool! (Added by Owl)

We are also starting the summer reading program at our library today. (After my little swimmers wake up from thier nap). I think it is so important to keep my kids reading and interested in books. They continually learn and progress. And it will make back to school time easier. We want to make it a good habit now!

Another fun thing Captain Boo, 6, is doing is writing letters snail mail style! She currently writes to a friend from school, a cousin, and one of her Great Aunts. It is a great way for her to practice writing, reading, and connecting with other people in a different medium. (Other than phone/computer/etc.) She loves sending them off and who doesn’t love getting
things in the mail???

Along with riding horses and gardening these are our big summer time activities. We are always on a shoestring budget. I want my girls to learn life skills while they are having fun ! And these are a few ideas that won’t break the bank! Need ideas for affordable summer fun? I encourage you to check with your local library, recreation commission, or area chamber of commerce for ideas!


A Thing I Never Do

People say, “Never say never, ” right? Today I became such a person.

After dropping Captain Boo off to school the littles, Owl and Bunny, And myself went grocery shopping. They were the best behaved children the best behaved they have ever been in the store. There was no hiding in clothes racks, no sprinting at break neck speeds down the aisle, no surprise purchases tossed into the cart, there was none of thier usual terrorist behaviors. Just two sweet little girls shopping with thier Mommy. Ideally holding onto the cart, one on either side, quietly talking and smiling. We looked like a commercial…… This rarely, never was a unicorn shopping trip!

So what is it I NEVER do? I never let them ride the little toys in the arcade area. They sometimes ask, but I always say No. And I March by eyes forward, while i drag three pairs of eyes looking longingly at the toy rides past, and out to the car.

But TODAY since they were such reformed heathens angels, I decided to let them ride it. Of course I was still too cheap to pay for two rides so they squished into the back hoe toy. They were squished  together. Bunny was all the way in, and Owl was holding onto the steering wheel while sitting half on Bunny and half butt in the air. But they were both squealing with laughter and wore huge grins as the back hoe gently bucked back and forth for thier one minute ride. All this joy for fifty cents.

So, Never say Never, because one day may come that you have a unicorn shopping trip that will lead you to ride the bucking carnival back hoe, while you wear a huge grin and squeal with laughter.



HK Bar Cowkids Winter Activities; Play Doh!

Who doesn’t love play dough? My kids have spent countless hours playing with it!



As a nurse, I am always trying to nurture my children’s development. And play dough is good for development!!!

It Supports fine motor development. All that squishing, squashing, and mashing helps build muscle and tendons. I want my girls to be able to tie thier shoes, use a pair of scissors, and many other skills that require fine motor skills. They are learning and don’t even know it!

Watching my girls play with play dough I also see thier creativity and imaginations grow!


Bunny told me, “I’m making  a pizza Mom! A pink pizza!” While Bunny was making her pizza Owl was busy making a three toed unicorn……it looks a bit like this…..


Point being she has the imagination to come up with a three toed unicorn.

The third thing I see and experience while playing with play dough with my girls is the expansion of language and literacy skills. “I put it in the container…..mine is pink….can you make a ball?” Etc. We talk about the color of our play dough and what it feels like, what shapes we are making, and so much more!

Don’t want to spend the money on store bought play doh? No problem! Here’s a fun Recipe I have used before. And you can reuse it! Just store in the refrigerator in am air tight container.

1 cup water
Food coloring
6 cuos flour
1 cup vegetable oil

1. Mix water and food coloring in bowl.
2. Add flour and oil.
3. Stir.
4. Knead until smooth

Happy playing from the HK Bar Cowkids to you!!!!

P.s. it’s non toxic! Bunny proved that…..the pooh maybe rainbow colored but don’t be alarmed!




On the HK Bar my husband and I are teaching our girls grit through grace, lots of persistence, and prayer.

My girls amaze me in all of these categories. They are true farm kids. I don’t know many two year olds that will gladly and happily trudge through mud, ice, and freezing weather to feed thier horses, cows, and dogs.


Owl, Tucker and Bunny crossing the little ravine to feed horses


When they fall down, they get back up and carry on.


Persistence…..it’s what we’re teaching.



What Are The HK Bar Cowkids Up To Today? Best Inside Winter Art Activity EVER!

What do my girls do when we are stuck inside due to an ice storm? We play of course! If you are like me at all I have to get creative sometimes to keep my active girls’ attention. Boo is 6, Owl is 2 1/2 and Bunny just turned 2.

Of course we do the typical things when the weather is bad. We read, we color, we play games, we watch movies, we have dance parties; and when all that fails we do our favorite inside art protect ! We call it color the windows! I know, very technical name.

All you need is :


Washable markers (I have used paint, just add liquid dishwashing soap to paint so it comes off easily) and painters tape, a window, and an artist!


Bunny, Boo, and Owl

As you can see in the above picture I tape off around the windows so that the girls don’t color on the wood frame. And it makes a fun frame!

After the windows are taped off we always do the rules. I say, “Where do we color?” And they shout, “On the window!” Then I say, “Where do we NOT color!?” And they shout, “Anywhere that’s not the window!!”

Then I let each girl pick one marker a piece. Boo is old enough to have all the markers, but because Owl and Bunny are both two we stick with one so marker doesn’t end up everywhere. Boo has done this activity alone before using all the colors and done well.


Then I turn them loose and watch them create!







They do this for hours! And the wonderful part is they aren’t wasting tons of paper! I just wipe off with a dishcloth and small spray of Windex when they want to start again. This kept my girls entertained for about two hours today, and they aren’t little people that have long attention spans.


Bunny and her masterpiece


Boo and her masterpiece


Owl and her masterpiece

The girls of the HK Bar hope you enjoy our inside activity as much as we do do!

Until our next adventure!