Hail to Pay 

So the HK Bar had a major hail storm hit about 1 pm today. Golf ball size hail, high winds, and a torrential downpour. 

I posted a video I took during the very beginning of it all. The hail was only about quarter sized at this point but coming down fast. 

My brand new Yukon, my Dodge, and my husbands Dodge truck are all battered….. 

The siding on our house has holes all over in it……

The three photos above are pictures taken four hours after the hail…still piles of it everywhere…

I immediately phoned all of our insurance companies on the house and vehicles. I asked husband to call in our crops damage (alfalfa total worth about 10k)…..for him to look stricken and tell me he had not yet insured for the year. *sigh* 

Such the life of a rancher.. BUT here on the HK we try to keep our eyes on the 🌈 rainbow…. so we are praying God provides us deductible 💰 money…. And saying thank you that all our livestock is accounted for, safe and sound. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for strength, pray for recovery, pray for patience and goodwill. 


Handling His Meat With Precision; Operation Romance Phase 2

I finally decided on my next phase of operation romance! I made my husband a suprise steak lunch. What did you expect from the title? Gezzz you sicko, I literally meant I handled his meat,  you know the kind you EAT….errr….well, that could be misconstrued as well. Okay starting over, I made my husband a kick ass suprise lunch in an attempt to bring back some romance to our marriage. I seriously have been tuned out for awhile. 

Anyhow. I made marinated beef ribeye steaks (raised and butchered right here on the HK Bar), corn, and seasoned mashed potatoes. He was a happy man! I sat across the table staring at him as he took his first bite. He wore a worried look as he took his first bite. I said, “What’s wrong honey?” He said, “I don’t know I keep waiting for you to tell me. You have been so attentive these past few days I keep waiting for the punch line. I have to admit it has me a bit worried.” 

Im sure he saw my eager, happy face fall with his comment. Gezzz I know I’m not huge on romance, but I didn’t realize I have been the ultimate romance Scrooge. I told him, “I realized I have not been very attentive to you, or very romantic for a long time. I truly have had a great time first writing your note, and planning your suprise lunch. I guess I would worry a bit too if I were in your shoes. Not that you have to worry, I just wanted to do something nice for you.”  A genuine smile lit up his face and he took my hand from across the table. He even put his fork down to do this, and that is HUGE for my husband, although thin, he loves his food. And he said, “I really liked your note. It made me smile, and it was really sweet of you. Thank you, it is nice to be thought of.” And then he commenced to devouring my suprise lunch with impressive speed. 

So I guess after the initial shock of Operation Romance wears off my husband might not always look so Leary when I do something nice for him. We had some good moments during his lunch. And I truly did enjoy preparing the meal and coming up with the menu. Usually I’m not a huge fan of cooking. It’s not that I’m bad at it, because I’m not, it’s more the fact that everyone has to eat and it just becomes one more chore on my list to check off three times a day. This time was different. I really did feel like I was pouring my love into this meal. And I’m happy that it was received so well. 

So cheers to handling my husbands meat so well, and on to the next planning phase for Operation Romance. HMMMMM what will I do? What will it be? Stay tuned! 


Someday Baby 

Sometimes putting forth the effort with a partner is just plain exhausting. But honestly after almost nine years of marriage and almost thirteen years into our relationship I am finally realizing it is so worth it. Slow learner , eh? Well, I guess we are all on the learning curve somewhere. 🙂 

What is spurring me to write this piece? Well, honestly it is because I have really noticed a difference in not only my own attitude, but my husbands, after I have put in the maintenance time. It is actually so simple that it is painful. He’s happier, and I am happier. What have I done you ask? 

I’ve made a valiant effort to make myself happy first, my children happy second, and my husband happy last. Most people would probably argue that I should put my husband up higher on the list. Nope, not this Mama. I always told my husband my kids come before anyone, even him. See the way I worded that? I guess I should really say OUR kids and not MY kids. I mean after all I guess they are after all a little his too. Anyhow back to topic……

I think putting myself first takes the stress off my back for so many reasons. First of all my needs are met first, so I am not so strung out tired from having met everyone else’s needs and sucked dry, while waiting for someone to come to my rescue. I am already “taken care of” so anything my husband says or does is just extra. Anything my kids say or do is just extra. This makes complete sense in my head, are you following my squirrel trail? 

I know some of you may be rolling yours eyes and saying ummm yeah how selfish you mean! Haha. Maybe I would have thought that too once upon a time. But not now. I see that if I take care of myself first I am more effective for everyone else. I go about my daily mundane tasks with more enthusiasm because I am truly happy, I am truly more energized. And maybe a small part of it is because I often feel like I have so little control in my life. Three kids and a husband that works three jobs tends to rule a person at times. Or maybe the fact is really that I am utterly left to rule to kingdom when my husband is working and away all the time. That’s probably more accurate. I feel the pressure sometimes and it is overwhelming. 

So that’s basically the gist of my whole piece. I’ve learned to put myself first and everything else tends to fall into place. With only minor snags here and there. But I guess I should explain the title. “Someday Baby” these are the words my husband says when I talk about one of my dreams coming true, or when I speak of a big project I want to happen.god bless my husbands heart he always listens patiently and says “Someday Baby”. Some times I think he truly believes it, sometimes I think he just says it to humor me. I have always had some lofty dreams/goals/ideas. His words are sweet, but the next time he says “someday baby” I am going to say, “Now Baby” because I am the one truly in control of those dreams and goals that I have. 

Putting yourself first isn’t always the selfish route. I think it is almost truly the most unselfish act you can achieve, because everyone gets the purest, highest charged version of yourself. So that’s my little piece of thought from the HK Bar this Sunday morning. Today I’m not listening to “Someday Baby”, I am SAYING “NOW BABY!”


Up and Coming; Blitz Manny: Rescue dog

It has been awhile since I wrote a piece on Blitz Manny our almost two year old border collie that rescued me almost a year ago.when he came to the HK Bar he was a herding nightmare. He chased and killed chickens, he took cheap shots at the horses dashing in and out of their legs biting and barking all the while. He bellowed at the cows and played chicken with the Bulls. He wouldn’t walk on a leash- he would just fling himself about in blind fury. To say the least, he was a train wreck. But yet he is the sweetest soul I’ve met in awhile. He’s not in your face kind of guy. He has bouncy, contagious energy, and not a real mean bone in his body. Protective maybe, but not just outright blind rage. 

Cue to ten months of intensive work later and he now walks on a leash, respects the livestock, and has proudly been off live chickens as food for the past six months. He rides in the truck beautifully. He stays on the front porch and protects his farm. He barks and puffs up impressively when someone pulls in the drive. I love all these things about him! Like any good farm dog he owns his people and his job as overseer and protector. 

With Tucker and Bo having passed so recently and in such quick succession of one another, I feel blessed to be finding both dogs strengths in Blitz Manny. He truly will be one for the books. Hell, he already is at the tender age of almost two years old. I feel like a proud mom really having made this journey with him so far. 

HIs favorite things to do are ride in the truck with me, and chasing his basketball/football/soccer/baseballs/soft balls till he is lay down tired. He also really loves his girls. He is a gentle ball of energy if that makes any sense at all. He has an obvious distate for my husband. But I think that is the difference of heelers and border collies. A heeler will forgive rough handling and love their person blindly. A border collie on the other hand will remember harsh handling. They are no fools for sure. My husband is from the old school theory of raising ranch dogs. He is firm to a fault and any small act of disobedience is dealt with swiftly and harshly. (Never to the point it causes any physical injury, just a very stern approach). I on the other hand am of the school of thought that repetition and good reinforcement is the key. I don’t believe punish harshly when they do wrong, but praise excessively when they do right. I think this builds a stronger bond with me and my dogs. They want to work for me, they want to protect me, they want to please me. Not because I demand it, but because they come to see they want my approval. 

Anyhow, I am just so pleased with where Blitz Manny is in his journey as an HK Bar dog. Now we just need to work on not chasing the tractor when I am feeding hay, and then on to house breaking! He recently was invited in for a brief hour and he promptly lifted his leg and pissed all over our house cat Eli. I couldn’t help but laugh, but I won’t have a pee pot in my clean house!

What a little wonder dog our Blitz Manny is. I wish more people would take the time and energy to invest in a rescue dog. They really do deserve every opportunity in life. I’m so thankful my little guy has come to live with us. He makes me smile, he makes me proud, and he makes me realize I to can make huge strides and changes in my life toward the positive, no matter what. 

Cheers to Blitz Manny for transforming, and for transforming me. 


Please Just Throw Me Something To Hold On To

Did you ever have a moment, or maybe like in my case, several moments, that you’re just so worn out tired; you feel like everyone only wants to take something from you. You feel like.  You feel like you are doing everything humanly possible to give all you have, and they still just want more? 

Yesterday I was having said moments. 

And out of nowhere my husband says, “You are one of my favorite people. My favorite things about you are how you are such a good mom. Our kids want for nothing thanks to you. Even though I have to sometimes dig through the laundry pile to find matching socks before work at 2 am. I love your smile and how you bust my chops, I love how you just keep going. Always just keep going.”

I stood there with a dish rag in my hand in front of our kitchen sink, unable to speak right away. I felt like I was drowning and he had thrown me a life preserver right in the moments before I just gave up and sunk to a watery death. I finally got the lead out and gave him a hug. I said, “You’re one of my favorite people too. Thank you for what you said, I really needed that right now.”

Reflecting back on this moment from yesterday today, it reminds me that no matter how strong you think someone is, maybe they are drowning and just need someone to throw them something to hold on to. Really something simple can make all the difference. I know it did for me. 

So today I’m throwing things to hold onto. Cheers and peace from the HK Bar!


Who Am I? 

What a complex question this is. I am so many things it is difficult to put words to the vast existence that I consider applies to that question in regards to me. Of course I am mom to the three most wonderful little girls ever. Captain Boo at six is so wise beyond her years it is often difficult to know what to do with her. Owl at three is happy, bouncy, and a natural with animals, and little Bunny at the tender age of two is enamored with heavy equipment and tractors. She is the prankster and always the first to bulldoze her way to what she wants. But I guess these ramblings about my girls really don’t answer the age old question of whom I am. But that’s where I’m wrong. They are so much of my existence I can’t help but include them in what makes me me. 

I am also a nurse. I specialize in geriatrics, also centered around hospice, rehabilitation, and long term care. I love my field of nursing and can’t imagine myself in any other field. I have been a nurse nearing nine years. Wow where has time gone? Funny enough, in nursing school I always fancied I would work in surgery or the emergency department. Something very high paced and glamorous. At what point I admitted to myself that I love the geriatric population so much I honestly can’t say. I just know it is where I began, and where I have stayed. Although I am mostly a stay at home mom (among other titles of farm wife, horseman, etc) I am able to work one evening shift a week at the facility I have been blessed enough to be employed by for the last six years. This keeps my nursing license up, as well as gives me a mental health day from my three lovely girls that can honestly drive me a bit batshit crazy at times. 

Another title I hold is one that is self appointed. It is the one of farm manager.  I take care of the livestock side and my husband takes care of the tillable/hay ground. We have an ever changing number of animals here on the HK Bar. Ten horses has been the count for nearing two years now. We have gained and lost a few, but have stayed ever steady at that number. Current number of cattle……Er……well…. My herdsman identity is a bit bruised to admit it is at seven. I sold off thirty of my herd nearly two years ago when we had to relieve some of the financial burdens we were under at the time. So I am slowly rebuilding my angus herd back to its former glory days. Let me tell you it is arduous and slow going. We currently have five chickens. Another sad farm story as fifty were slaughtered in their hen house by what only could be raccoons. Waiting till the spring to replenish my numbers there. Anywho. We also have three dogs. “Working dogs” that are good at cleaning up after the kids after meal times. And a varying number of barn cats. They seem to bring friends home then disappear as soon as I have fully vettted them. 

I would say that is the gist of who I am if I had to make it any shorter than that I don’t rightly know if I could. I love to read…..I’m quite obsessed actually. I will honestly read anything from biographies to romance. If it has words I will read it. I love to travel and try new things, but I am a huge homebody. I love my family and friends more than anything. I am a self proclaimed bulldog who is always the first to protect the ones that I love. I like to write, however terrible it is. I love my dogs and horses fiercely….ok, actually any animal I love fiercely, but hey it’s just who I am. 

So here’s a brief glimpse of how I perceive myself. I hope you have made it through this however dull it was. And I hope you now know me a bit better. Tell me, are you a new reader? Who are you? I’d honestly love to hear.