A Review: Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

About ten days ago I noticed urine spots on our carpet. I was shocked as none of our pets have accidents. After separating animals I found the culprit. It was our three year old Terrier mix, Virgil. After a trip to the vet he was sent home with antibiotics and pain relievers with bladder stones suspected as a cause of the urine incontinence.

So there I was with a sick dog that was going to be having accidents for the foreseeable future. A dog that had never once pottied on the floor, and was used to being with his family with full run of the house. A predicament for sure. I didn’t want to shut him on the back porch, but I also knew I couldn’t have him soiling our rugs.

So I started doing some online research and discovered Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers. I was skeptical to say the least. But what else could I do? I measured according to the directions on the sizing chart and ordered a three pack for a little over $20.

The product came quickly and away we went to see how they did. First off, the sizing was true if you measure correctly and follow their suggested sizing chart. The product is sturdy, and fits incredibly well. Virgil was a little unsure at first and walked funny for about the first hour or so. But soon walked normally and didn’t try to pull them off. Virgil immediately peeked up when he realized he got the run of the house once again! It made my heart happy to see him sleeping in his favorite chair!

Three hours in and he had had an incontinent urine episode while sleeping in his chair. The diaper was wet, but him and my chair were dry! I just changed his diaper and popped the other in the wash.

I also tried them on our similarly sized Miniature Australian Shepherd, Booker. He usually has to be kept on the back porch as he would try to mark his territory. These prevented him from doing that. He hiked his leg of course but it was all caught in the diaper! Bonus use!

I give this product four out of four stars! Effective, durable, and a problem solver for many issues!

Thank you Magasin!

www. Petmagasin.com


A Book Review; Trace By Patricia Cornwell

Trace is about a famous medical examiner named Dr. Kay Scarpetta. This book is a winding who dunnit tale of the murder of a child.  Dr. Scarpetta rushes to link unlikely cases to lead her to the murderer to bring justice for the dead and restore order to get former stomping grounds.

I did enjoy reading parts of this book. Truth be told, the only reason I completed it was due to the fact I was writing a review on it. Otherwise I would have cast it aside after page 150.

The characters were likeable, but very unrealistic and I found them to be far fetched. I would not recommend this book unless a person wanted something to start a fire with.

Until my next review!


A Book Review; The Alibi By Sandra Brown

This book was hard for my to get into. It took me until about page 150 till I began to even like it. The plot seemed to jump around and the characters were hard for me to relate to and like. I find this author to be sometimes too wordy.

But it was at that page 150 mark I began to become invested in the characters and the plot. After I was hooked, I read the book cover to cover with not even a meal break.

This book starts out weaving an intricate tale of the murder of a real estate tycoon hated by many, an ambitious prosecutor, a rival prosecutor, a scummy criminal, and a successful psychiatrist with a past to hide. The story is one that leaves you frustrated and baffled until the very end. It is a who dunnit of sorts with a love story laced in for good measure.

I would recommend this book. After the initial slow start it kept me engaged and unable to stop reading. However predictable the reader believes the story line, come the end the reader will be sorely wrong.

Until my next review! Happy reading!