The Christmas Bob died for us (like Jesus)

When my oldest daughter Boo was three years old she cried after we took our Christmas tree down. She had named our tree Bob. We explained to her that Bob would be replanted by Daddy and we could use him again next year. So we fibbed to temporarily salvage her heart.

Last Christmas when Boo was four she excitedly welcomed Bob back into our home for the Christmas season. When Christmas was over, we took down the tree, and a cascade of tears followed with Bobs parting. But again we explained that Bob would be taken back out, replanted by daddy, and we could use him again next year.

This Christmas our Boo is five. Today we went out to cut our tree and Boo looked at me, laughed, and said

” Mom, I know this tree isn’t Bob. I know Bob died after Christmas last year, he died because we cut him down. He was a good tree for us, but he died so we could enjoy him for Gods birthday. Kind of like when Jesus died on that cross for us. They both gave us a gift, their lives.”

Wow! My little Boo has grown so wise. This is the year I will always remember Bob died for us, just like Jesus died for us on the cross.

From the HK Bar to the world, be merry, be blessed.


Boo and Bob this year