The “Other” Part of Captain Boo; Did Lucifer’s Parents not Hug Him Enough?

My five year old daughter Boo is extraordinary. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t challenge me, teach me, and amaze me. All three of my girls teach me to be a better version of myself.

I often worry if I guide my children correctly. Do I push them enough? Do I encourage them enough? All the questions that plague me wondering if I am doing a good enough job raising my girls.

In so many ways my Boo is a “normal” five year old girl. She loves her horse Romeo, she likes her hair cut in a short bob, she loves batman and super heroes, she guides her sisters and fights with them…..and then there is the “other” part of Boo that makes me wonder. I don’t want to use the word “abnormal” as that has a negative sound. There’s a part of her that makes the hair stand up on my arms….the part of her that leaves me in awe and makes me a bit overwhelmed. I often find myself smiling and shrugging my shoulders at this part of her. This part of her I don’t know yet how to describe in words. Anyone who has met Boo I’m sure knows exactly what I am talking about. She thinks and sometimes speaks like someone light years ahead of her age…….

There are moments when she’s the five year old throwing an attitude because she doesn’t want to wear jeans…  And then there’s the other part……

Boo, Owl, and Bunny were sitting at the kitchen table. It was early morning and the sun was rising. I stood at the kitchen stove scrambling eggs and smiling at my girls. We watched fat wet snow flakes come down in heaps out the window.

Boo folded and unfolded her hands. She bore a serious look and chewed at her lip. She looked up at me and said,
“Mom when Lucifer the angel was thrown out of heaven for doing something terrible, was it because his parents didn’t hug him enough? Did he become that way because no one loved him enough? Because I was thinking how awful it would be for his parents ..I mean they raise him up as good as they can and then he goes and gets himself thrown in hell for being terrible. Why does bad things happen? Why do people make bad decisions?”

These are those moments …..This is that “other” part of Boo.

I said Well, parents do the best they know how to raise their children to make the right decisions. They do their best. And then the day comes along that the child has to make choices for themselves…..and the parents hope and pray they have taught their child to choose wisely and make good decisions. I told her good people make bad decisions sometimes. I told her bad things happen because that is a part of life. I told her God loves us no matter what. And yes, God even loves Lucifer who was cast into hell for doing bad.

Boo said, “Silly old Lucifer, I bet if he’d be good. God would let him back in heaven. I bet he’d bear hug him and forgive him. I bet that’s what God would do if Lucifer asked forgiveness. I think bad things happen for a reason Mom. I think they happen because we all have choices to make and sometimes people just make the wrong ones……even if their mom and dad hugged them and loved them enough…”

I hugged my Boo and silently held back tears. I thank God every day for my daughter that is so wise, that teaches me, and gives me a new view of the world.

After breakfast she asked me to read her part of the bible that talks about Lucifer being cast from heaven. I had to do some research to find it but did…..Isaiah 14: 3-23.

After we read it together Boo said, “OK, thanks Mom for showing me that. Can I go build a fort for my sisters and I out of the couch cushions?”

I just smiled and said, “Of course you can. Go play.”

My beautiful Captn’ Boo. I love your normal and  I love your “other”……